Ranger's Lore


From the tallest mountain to the smallest shrub near the riverbank, nature flows all around us, and in a world filled with turmoil, only a select few have the skills necessary to survive in the Wilderness and protect the very balance of nature.

Do you want to learn how to follow the trail of the most cunning fox?

Do you want to learn how to fire an arrow that will pierce even the most resolute armor?

Do you want to learn the ways of the Ranger?

The Ranger Code contains the most vital information regarding the path of nature's protectors. If you feel that you have what it takes to be a Ranger, study the Code and contact a guide. Send him or her a letter describing your life's history.

Here is a list guides:

Cayenne, Segal, Fatalblade, Ouned, Halbarad, Robsta, Michike, SilverReborn, Kittie, Vashgout, Tora, RiaDora, SpiritSeeker, Akidoshi

To prove that you're capable of being one of nature's protectors, we ask that you fulfill these requirements:

  • Insight 50 to apply
  • Must be at least One Season Old
  • Must be a 'Rogue' for at least 1 Yuri ((if you've left a PC subpath))
  • Read the Ranger Code at least once
  • Be a Dog Linguist
  • Have Freed the Leviathan
  • Slain the Mighty Sute (Alternate quest will be given for Special Dyes)
  • Baekho's must be 'Rogue' for two weeks before being walked
  • The Ranger Path

    (Written by xSidx and WhisperWind)

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