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    The Ranger code is both a tool for Scouts to learn about what a Ranger is and is it a chronicle of our own past, present and perhaps future as well. The Code is something all Rangers' appreciate as it holds a vast amount of information about our subpath. While we have not always been known in these lands we have always been here; be it the hunter just outside of town or the rugged mountain dweller to the north, the Ranger's have always had a presence in these lands.

    We decided to write an expanded version of the Ranger Code because it was missing some information, it needed more lore and the former version just seemed incomplete. This new version is intended to aid scouts, to provide information for those who seek it, and to set in writing what our path is about; in more detail. As I sit with my quill and write these final words so to speak, I realize while we've added numerous things to our code, and changed some things around, we also lose a bit of the past and the original works of those before us.

    In deciding what goes where, and what should not be included, we hope that we have not lost anything of great importance. It is always a challenge to determine just what information should be given and what should be left as is. Many people have contributed to this code in the past and even now. Some of these past contributions include Angelica, Angelburn, Valdessi, Snowdin, Nar, Rokugan, Yogeshi, Edge, Garus, Obduracy, and Wise. Others such as Segal, Ouned, Ckid, Halbarad, Vashgout, Robsta, Durant, RelaxinsSteve, and I have made recent contributions. The rewritten code was a project of Segal, a former guide and ranger who has left our world for better places, its completion is largely in part to his hard work.

    I hope the code provides more information than its predecessor and is enjoyed by Ranger, Scout and community alike.


    Ranger Elder

The Ranger Code

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