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Without much hesitation, normally you'd hear of the seven skills of a Ranger, or some comment about protecting nature. The truth is, not many people really understand what a Ranger lives for, or the general attitude of the path. Perhaps with a bit of patience, should you have it, you might understand.

A Ranger, as a person, is generally somebody who understands the part the natural world plays, and its effects on urbanization and civilization. Those you usually meet are likely the types that, though willing to live in cities, choose not to. Most of us have never really found ourselves in people throughout the cities, but living on what is and what has been given to us in the natural world.

Something that brings out this family is that we're not all the same. There are thinkers, the carefree, the loners, and tons of other kinds of people. We can be who we are; yet we all share one common belief: While civilization expands, we forget about what is not turned into roads and buildings. As people neglect the original poor places, it can become agitated. Eventually, someone must appease it, or we would fall victim to it.

In defending nature, we have sectored our skills into the seven. As much as we are defenders of nature, we are talented fighters and guardians. Our eyes are sharp in Archery, while you will never see us when we exercise Camoflague. When all seven are mastered, you essentially find the greatest strategist rogue. We can teach you, but only if you understand what these skills must be used for. Earn our respect, and we may be inclined to teach you, or even include you in our small family.

No matter how advanced we become, we need the natural world. Not most people realize this. We do, and we do what we can. Many see us as people who love animals and plants more than humanity. This is untrue. Simply put, we are misunderstood, and even with this, we will not be accepted. However, if you understand this... and you feel you might find peace away from most people... come to our home dubbed "Trapper's Paradise" and sit down with us.

It's funny how people who can't deal with people still need other people to deal with it. However, we can't change human habit; We still are as much people as anyone else. However, despite the truth placed before their eyes, people will be people and neglect the natural world as they always have.

But perhaps they just...

don't... or can't understand.

>>-Trapper's Paradise->



Segal Higashi


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